How HOA#2 Works


How The HOA #2 Homeowners' Association Operates


SaddleBrooke Homeowners’ Association #2 (HOA #2) is governed by a Board of Directors (BOD). Its operations are managed by a General Manager who reports directly to the BOD.  The individual department heads report to the General Manager.


The HOA #2 has five directors. Robson Communities, Inc. (RCI) appoints three members of which two are residents, one of which is appointed as President of the board.  The remaining two board members are resident volunteers elected by the HOA #2 homeowners. The two elected homeowners serve staggered two-year terms, starting as Vice-President of the BOD, moving to the Senior Vice President's position for the second year of office.

The BOD has ultimate responsibility for the ongoing financial health of the Association.  They do short-term and long-range planning striving to contain costs and set aside funds for future repairs and maintenance to roads and facilities. The primary objective of the HOA #2 BOD is to ensure our SaddleBrooke lifestyle continues to flourish.


The BOD is responsible for the operation of three major facilities: MountainView, DesertView and The Preserve plus three restaurants, a theater, four swimming pools, tennis and other recreational facilities. The Golf Courses are under the control of Robson Communities, Inc. (RCI).  The Association has a professional operations staff that is responsible for keeping the numerous activities of the HOA #2 running on a daily (and nightly) basis. They plan and operate events, such as the Artists' Series, maintain the fitness centers, swimming pools and common areas. They also schedule and maintain the facilities for the 100+ clubs and hobby groups in HOA #2. Other staff members operate our HOA #2 Patrol.


The BOD oversees the HOA #2 activities to ensure the governing CC&R's, Rules and Regulations, and the Architectural and Landscaping Requirements and Guidelines are followed.  They approve appropriate changes to reflect homeowner needs, interests, and legislative actions. The BOD also becomes involved if a homeowner appeals a decision or ruling made by one of its advisory committees, although this is an infrequent occurrence. The BOD approves charters and the membership for its Standing Committees of homeowner volunteers who advise the BOD on the host of activities important to HOA #2 and its members.


The Villas (Units 35 and 35A) are part of HOA #2; however, they have a separate five-member BOD who governs their responsibilities. Villa homeowners pay the HOA #2 annual dues plus they pay Villa monthly dues that primarily cover the maintenance of their landscaping and the exteriors of the Villas. They transitioned from RCI on July 1, 2005; therefore, all their board members are homeowners. They have a contracted management company to manage their affairs.


As of December 2010, there were 2,723 homes sold or under construction in HOA #2 with approximately 500 left to build or close. The Developer has the final say as to when transition might occur, but the HOA has been preparing for that day with the creation of the Transition Planning Committee. At transition, the HOA #2 BOD will be comprised of all resident members who will be responsible for the governance and management of HOA #2. The number of board members has not been determined, as this is currently being developed by the Transition Planning Committee and will be presented to the homeowners prior to Transition.


Roger Swett
February 2011
Updated January 2014


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