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SaddleBrooke Information Sources


There are a number of websites which provide you with information about what is going on in SaddleBrooke. 

To go to the sites, click on the blue underlined field. To return to the HOA#2 website, click on the back button on your browser.


SaddleBrooke Community Websites


HOA#1 Website                                                


HOA#1 Commentary                                        


HOA#2 Website                                                


SaddleBrooke Two Property Owners (STPO)


SaddleBrooke Villas Neighbors                      


SaddleBrooke Newspapers

**Please note, the newspapers are large files and may take several minutes to download.  The benefit to using this access is that you can review older additions, and you can go directly to particular articles.  Using the PDF search capability, you can find specific phrases in the entire newspaper. 

Twos News Archive  Twos News has sections for STPO News, HOA Hews, Pinal County News, News you can use, Sporting News, and Notices.  This paper provides the most information on the official information for the community.  This link provides access to the historical copies of the official newspaper of STPO.  Access to the current month newspaper is available through the SaddleBrooke Two Property Owners (STPO) site listed above. 


SaddleBag Notes   is a monthly publication of the Tucson Newspapers dedicated to reporting news of interest to the residents of SaddleBrooke.  Click on the page of the newspaper to open it.


SaddleBrooke Progress is the official news of SaddleBrooke Resort Community produced by Robson Publishing.  To read the paper, click in the middle of the newspaper sheet, then set options to single page mode.  You can advance to a different page by putting the page number in the space at the top.  Clicking in the middle of the page toggles between full page width and full page length.



HOA#2 Monday Messages


Each Monday, our Administrative Assistant, Diane Flores sends out the Monday Message with information about topic and event of interest in the upcoming week.  Check here to see the recent Monday Messages.



SaddleBrooke Television


Sights and Sounds Video Gallery is a television series produced for  SaddleBrooke by residents of the community. The shows are on Channel 2 of WBHSI, but are also available via the web.  On the web, you can call up shows of your choice that had been shown in earlier months.  Using the new search capability of the site, you can find programs by typing in a key word in the search field and a list of all of the programs which apply to that word will be displayed for you to view.  Interested in the programs on the Golden Goose?  Type in "Goose" in the search field and click on "Search" and you will find all of the programs produced on the Golden Goose.     



SaddleBrooke Forums and Blogs


The link to these sites is provided as a service to the community, but HOA#2 does not control or sponsor the sites.  You must register for these services and the sites require an additional log on.


SaddleBrooke Forums                                


SBAZ - SaddleBrooke Users Group          



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