Helen Howard

Personal Trainer - Group Fitness Instructor - Nutrition Coach


Helen has had a compelling passion for fitness and wellness most of her life and began her fitness career in 1984. She was among the first string of instructors to become certified back in the days of Jane Fonda. Helen is also the Fitness and Wellness Coordinator for SaddleBrooke HOA2 and continuously strives to make the fitness program beneficial for the community.

Helen believes that fitness is for everyone in every shape and form. No matter what condition someone may be in there is a starting point to improve health and fitness. Experiencing personal setbacks with injuries caused by accidents/ or over training, Helen understands firsthand about starting over. The body can be restored by rest, gentle movement, patience and corrective exercise.

A healthy diet is also key when it comes to treating inflammation and pain anywhere in the body. Helen recently became an advocate of "plant-based eating" after much research. Eating real food for a live body and generating healthy cells is an approach she lives daily and shares with others if they express interest.

Helen Howard is a certified personal, trainer, group fitness instructor, certified nutrition coach, and Yoga and Pilates instructor.

Helen has owned and managed health clubs throughout her life and enjoys watching clients and members improve longevity and quality of life through fitness.

Prior to making her home in SaddleBrooke in 2011, she lived on Catalina Island for 45 years where she raised her 4 children. She was the Avalon High School cross country coach for 10 years and successfully took teams to C.I.F. and state championships.

Helen enjoys life in SaddleBrooke. When she is not working you might see her walking her two blonde Dachshunds, Bailey and Harley with her husband Ray.