Tina Moore

Personal Trainer - NASM CPT

Tina has been on both sides of the Health & Fitness Industry, previously as a clinician, Healthcare Systems Consultant, Rehab Client and Fitness Instructor both in aquatic and fitness center settings. She has worked with clients ranging from their 20s to late 80+ (primarily in a 55+ active adult community), from the highly de-conditioned, post-acute care, rehabilitation, to active agers and weekend warriors with athletic goals & desire to improve their current level of fitness regardless of age.

She is FiTOUR Approved Aquatic Fitness as well as having Advanced Aqua Certification; Tina has taught a diverse range of Aquatic Classes from Shallow & Deep Water, HydroCore, Tabata/HIIT Training, Aqua Jogging, Aquatic Rehab & Aquatic Personal Training since 2007 and is also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer; certified in TRX, Functional Movement Screen, I, II; and is a Registered Nurse. Currently, Tina is in process of completing advanced Certification with National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in their Corrective Exercise Specialist Program. For the last two winters she has taught specialty workshops on Golf Fitness for Men and Women.

Tina believes the key to successful training is building a solid foundation in the beginning based on the initial assessment which provides valuable information on the clients muscle imbalances, overly tight & overly relaxed muscles causing pain, movement restriction and dysfunction in the body. It's this very foundation that carries you into advanced physical capabilities. Tina is passionate about educating clients, teaching them a skill set that will take them to the next level by using correct form, proper technique and focusing on injury prevention. She believes that we all, regardless of our current conditioning and physical abilities, are able to achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves. With consistency and perseverance anything is possible.